Something for Everyone book

Something for Everyone

Published 2022 by Seagreens Trust, to mark the 25th anniversary of the Seagreens® project.
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The illustrated story of the development of Nutritious Food Seaweed in the British Isles and Nordic region.

In 1997 the Seagreens® project set out to get at least a gram of our best native wild seaweeds into the population daily diet.

It is their micronutrients, often deficient or missing, that are so important.

We need only tiny amounts of these, but every day, because the body cannot manufacture or adequately store them.

This has been the traditional use of seaweeds in Japan and elsewhere, in stark contrast to the idea that seaweed is simply another vegetable for occasional eating on the plate.

Daily use in all ages and health conditions, requires thorough research and the exceptional quality of NFS certified seaweeds. 

NFS ensures they can be safely incorporated into everyday foods and drinks, or taken in capsules. 

This is why Seagreens® developed its unique production specifically for nutrition, and the profile of nutrients is provided on our website.

Today Seagreens is the foremost authority with the world’s most comprehensive data on our native species.

Proceeds go to Seagreens Trust’s Foundation for research, standards and education.

In health stores, supermarkets and online, these products also contain Seagreens® Nutritious Food Seaweed ingredients